How to Get Super Bowl Tickets?

How to Get Super Bowl Tickets?

Every person knows that getting Super Bowl tickets at face value or less is extremely hard. The only lifesaving option for most Super Bowl ticket buyers is to purchase them online on the secondary or resale market.
Online ticket reseller like Ticket Score allows fans to buy-in weekly on tickets to a specific team’s championship game. A buyer can easily get a ticket at a low, fixed weekly buy-in price.
The National Football League controls the tickets and has divvied up the distribution this way in recent seasons, according to previous reports: 17.5% to every participating team, 5% to the host team, 1.2% to each of the other 29 teams and 25.2% to the league office. It is not necessary that the percentages will be changed or will stay the same for next season’s game.

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Teams and the league give out some seats from their allotments to On Location Experiences for sale in the hospitality packages.
The participating teams also distribute some of their allotted tickets directly to the season ticket holders, although teams generally don’t think how many, while making others available to sponsors, employees, and players families. Most of the league’s allotment is sold to media partners and the sponsors.

The Best Time to Buy Super Bowl Tickets

The reality is, figuring out the best time to buy Super Bowl tickets is a waste of time. The market can change rapidly, based on the fans, their demands and how the supply is controlled every year.
Traditionally, Super Bowl tickets become lower in price as the game comes close. Data from a New York Times article suggests that prices are at their highest right after the conference championships when fan’s spirits and blood alcohol content levels are still high. Prices usually continue to fall as the two week period comes to a close.
Super Bowl LII


The NFL made some exciting changes around Super Bowl LII in Minnesota to give some of the greatest and most loyal fans the opportunity to attend the big game.

Last year, the NFL has allocated the lottery tickets to a new program that directly touched the heart of the fans of all 32 teams. Throughout the rest of the season, the teams surprised the fans with free tickets to the big game. In total, they distributed over 500 tickets to Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis.
Some of these tickets were given to fans identified by clubs as exemplifying the heart of their team spirit. Some went to the outstanding youth football coaches and community heroes. And others found the most loyal and creative fans at tailgates, in stadiums and watching at home who put on their face paint and jerseys, and supported the teams through thick and thin.
Super Bowl LIII

The vast majority of people who want to attend the Super Bowl in 71,000-plus-seat Mercedes-Benz Stadium, tickets will be difficult and very expensive to get so the best option is to purchase online from ticket score, at least it will save you from going outside.
Earlier this spring, when the Atlanta host committee started the recruitment of 10,000 volunteers who will help welcome Super Bowl visitors to the city, it emphasized the volunteers would not be allowed to get tickets and would not work inside the stadium on the game day.

If you are interested in sitting in any of the lower level or club sections and tickets are within your budget, get them as soon as possible. Ticket prices in the lower levels are less expensive than the upper levels, so the risk of waiting for prices to drop won’t yield a high reward.
If you consider yourself a kind of person who tries to avoid the anxious and stressful situations, then don’t wait to get the tickets. The goal to save money on tickets won’t be worth the risk of not getting them, especially if prices increase.


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